Vermont Leader & former mayor of St. Albans City

Liz Gamache

"I'm voting for Kate Larose: competence, character, a unifier. She's just what St. Albans needs. Please vote for Kate!"

Senator Bernie Sanders

“Through her personal experience, Kate is fueled to fight for economic policies that enable Vermonters to excel. She will be a much needed advocate for raising the minimum wage, passing paid family leave, and fighting for social justice.”
Gubernatorial candidate and Vermont leader

Brenda Siegel

"I am proud to endorse Kate Larose for Franklin 3-1 State Representative. Kate has a strong record of community focus and service. I have been lucky to follow much of Kate's work throughout my campaign and have been impressed with her strong dedication to working toward solutions to the problems that we face. She will bring vision and leadership to the state house. I am excited to work with Kate to build a strong economy from the bottom up and policies that put people first. Kate is the kind of dedicated leader we need in Montpelier. "

Heidi Anderson

"My personal experience is that Kate cares deeply about bringing folks together to tackle challenges and solve problems that affect all of us. I’m very proud to be able to vote for someone who shows us every single day that she cares about the lives of the entire St. Albans community."

David Hutchinson

Kate Larose has some great ideas, is ready to work with others around their ideas, and is simply a great person. Her humor, her work ethic, her humility, and her dedication to serving the people of this community will make her a wonderful representative in Montpelier. I hope that you will join me in voting for Kate Larose!"

Mark Skelding & Linda Keating

"Kate and Mike know there are no simple answers to complicated challenges and are willing to seriously think through complex issues affecting us all...Their compassion and sense of community are sincere and their concern for every St. Albans resident is real. Vote for Kate Larose and Mike McCarthy for State Representatives on November 6th."

Chelsea Vanslette

"Kate Larose is a working mother who has a background in education, business and public service. I feel that she would be an ideal representative for St. Albans families in the legislature....Now would be a great time to send this smart, innovative thinker to Montpelier!"

Mary Harbaugh

"I like Kate's understanding that, to move us all forward, we need to work together. Plus, she's not afraid to take climate change seriously."

Drusilla Roessle

"Kate is a natural leader. One of her gifts is facilitating the emergence of other people's voices and ideas - her leadership is about harnessing our collective wishes for a thriving community. Kate has a remarkable ability to engage people in dialogue. Talking with her, you know she is listening to learn, not to agree or disagree. She always finds the common ground and shared values that are the strongest seeds for meaningful change. I know that with Kate in the State House Vermont is better off."

Gina Pandolfo

"Kate inspires me to believe in meaningful human connection as means to a just & peaceful future. Thank you, Kate!"

Vickie Harris

"Kate’s career has always been defined by community service. At every opportunity, Kate has worked diligently advocating for children, for economic opportunity, fighting to end poverty and working tirelessly to improve the lives of others. In particular, Kate understands the concerns of working families, and under her leadership, Kate will be the strong advocate we need in Montpelier."

Bethany Johnson

"Kate’s candidacy is defined by her commitment to workers and families, and my experience working with her tells me that she will be a positive force for cooperation and teamwork to serve the best interests of our community. Please join me in voting for Kate Larose so that we can together look forward to a more hopeful future."

Beebe Potter

"Kate has given me hope that we, as a community, can overcome the current fracture of our democracy and that we can indeed come together...She is a candidate who has campaigned, as few others have, on hope, unity, listening and learning—bringing us together!"